We believe in the power of entrepreneurs.
By supporting their tenacity and novel ideas we aim to help entrepreneurs challenge the status quo and create products that better our lives.

Treemark Capital & Treemark Labs

Digital Media

Our investments include multiple media properties that create compelling content, leverage multi-channel distribution, and engage a valuable focused audience, all of which lend to a business model that extends well beyond digitial advertising.

Digital Marketing Platforms

Digital marketing continues to take market share from traditional marketing. We have invested in multiple platforms that create value via providing services to multiple players in a market and via nurturing the exchange of value between players.

Software Services

Via investment into Treemark Labs, we are developing internal capacity to support the custom software development needs of our investees and customers.



United States

United States




Treemak Capital has invested to fill a gap in funding – Seed Series funding – that exists for startups between individual angel investors and Series A rounds. Companies in this category are expected to demonstrate market traction and have a product currently generating revenue.

Early and Expansion stage companies are further along, having either amassed strong adoption, rapidly growing revenue, or an expectation of near term profitability. The funding for these investments has been follow-on rounds or investments related to a specific project to further improve the company’s market prospects.

Our investments have been in the form of both debt and equity ranging from $150,000 to $600,000 per round. We have both led investments and participated in compelling opportunities led by third parties as a member of a syndicate.

Featured Investments

Atlas Obscura is a user-driven media company with a mission to help people experience a sense of wonder and curiosity.

VinePair seeks to bring expert knowledge of wine, beer & spirits, together with a passion for great food!