Treemark provides strategic and management support along with seed capital to early stage companies with demonstrated products, market traction, and potential economies of scale. We aim to provide attractive return on investment to our investors by selecting promising startups and supporting the startup team with the collective leadership and experience of our team and extended network.

Investment Focus

Digital Media

Early stage media properties that create compelling content, demonstrate significant and growing traffic in a focused demographic, and drive revenue from both native advertising and alternate sources that leverage the content or user base.

Digital Marketing

Unique technologies that allow marketing to improve its processes to engage influencers and buyers by using techniques such as social, mobile, analytics and e-commerce.


We seek  software-as-a-service applications that use a unique approach to serve a clear need in markets with significant opportunity, and have demonstrated traction and sales within a focused customer base.

Digital Retailing

We seek technologies and platforms that will change the shopping experience. Retailers are not only willing to increase strategic investment in technology, but are also seeding early-stage innovation to do so.



United States

United States







We have identified a gap in funding – what we term Seed Series funding – that exists for startups between individual angel investors and Series A rounds. Companies in this category are expected to demonstrate market traction and have a product currently generating significant revenue. Treemark aims to address this gap with syndicated investment rounds typically in the range of $500k to $1.5M.

We define Early and Expansion stage companies as those that are further along, having either amassed strong adoption, rapidly growing revenue, or an expectation of near term profitability. The funding for these investments can be related to a specific project to further improve the company’s performance and are typically in the range of $200k to $500k.

Treemark also invests in compelling opportunities that have been led by third parties as a member of a syndicate.

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Treemark provides funding and management support to technology startups.

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